Recipe Simple Country Sourdough bread

Recipe Simple Country Sourdough bread


  • 450 gram bread flour 
  • 50 gram whole wheat flour 
  • 100 gram mature sourdoughstarter
  • 375 gram water
  • 10  gram salt 


Start of by mixing the flour starter and 325 grams of the water together. Let this sit for autolyse for 1 hour.

When the hour for autolyse has passed by its time to add the salt and the remaining water to your dough. Work the salt and water gently into your dough and give the dough a couple of good  slap and folds, till about ¾ developed. 

At this point you will start with bulk fermentation. This dough will get a bulk fermentation for around 4 -6 hours (depending on the dough and room temperature) including 3 sets of stretch and folds) 

Cover the dough and set aside for the remaining time of bulk fermentation giving 3 sets of stretch and folds for the first one and half hour every 30 minutes or so

If your done with the last stretch and fold leave the dough to ferment till it is ready for preshaping. My way for preshaping is actually the same as making a boule. Turn the dough over on a slightly floured counter, fold in both sides, roll the dough towards you and turn it 90 degrees, at this moment you are holding an almost batard shaped piece of dough) again you will roll the dough towards you tightening the outside of the dough for strength. 

Turn the dough over so it sits seem side down, and put your pinkies and thumbs around the base of the dough. Move your hands In a circulair motion putting pressure on the bottom of the ball and tucking the dough underneath. This should give you a nice ball of dough with a tight skin on top. Leave this to rest for around 15-30 minutes covered with a couche or linen cloth. 

To shape the dough you can either repeat the steps of preshaping to obtain a boule shaped or you can just fold in the sides of the dough and roll it towards you applying a little more pressure to assure a nice strong skin on the dough for a batard. 

Put your dough into a banneton dusted with a little rye flour and leave to fully proof if you want to do a same day bake or put it in the fridge after about 1 hour to bake it retarded. 

For baking I always preheat my oven to 240C with my 6 mm baking steel in it. When the oven is preheated, take your dough and gently turn the banneton up side down to let the dough fall out on a piece of baking paper. score the dough on the topside the way you like it to create some places for the pressure to escape. Apply the steammethod of choice to the oven and put the dough in. Turn the oven down to 225C and bake for 30-35 minutes. 



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