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Sourdough baguettes with a hint of whole wheat

When I grew up a baguette, or in Dutch called stokbrood, was a bread baked on special perforated waved baking trays, with a thin slightly gold brown crust, with the soft and tight crumb of a sandwich bread. In our case we ate this mostly while barbequing smothered with garlic butter or peanut sauce. But […]


Sourdough Brabantse worstenbroodjes (Sausage rolls)

Sorry pics didn’t upload yet Because it is almost New Year’s Eve and we are actually not allowed to organize parties or go anywhere at all here in the Netherlands, We decided that we’re going to enjoy our time until the countdown with some delicious snacks. Including these Brabantse worstenbroodjes (sausage rolls). The sausage rolls […]


Sourdough Turkish Pide Bread

In the Netherlands there are quite a few Turkish bakery’s and supermarkets and all of them sell this incredible Turkish pide bread, when its fresh from the oven the outside will be a bit crispy but yet also a little chewy. The inside of the crumb is very fluffy with quite some big airpockets. The […]

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Simple Country Sourdoughbread

Let’s move on to the recipe: Ingredients: 450 gram bread flour  50 gram whole wheat flour  100 gram mature sourdoughstarter 375 gram water 10  gram salt  Method  Start of by mixing the flour starter and 325 grams of the water together. Let this sit for autolyse for 1 hour. When the hour for autolyse has passed […]

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Toasted seed loaf

This is one of my favorites, the aroma that fills the house when you toast the seeds before you are even doing anything with your actual dough. The toasting of the seeds brings out a lot deeper flavor profile to the dough in comparison to when you don’t toast the seeds.  An important factor to […]

Bread, Italian bread


Allright it is time to put the money where the mouth is, I told a lot of you that I was hoping to launch an internet website soon, and that when it was online this would be the very first recipe I would post. So here it is… Ingredients 450 gram bread flour (I use […]